Whiteboard **Not available**

Very useful and efficient in the office, often installed in co-work spaces or at school, why not decorate your wall with a dry-erase board, in a kitchen, a gym or a playroom! For doing “BrainStorm”, drawing and even for projection, this is the ideal surface to imagine your projects!

Available in wall to wall or custom size, our whiteboard can be installed directly on the wall with or without frame. It is also possible to customize it with a design or a logo with cut vinyl. Additional accessories are available.

This product is not available at the moment.


  • Residential and Commercial
  • Interior, on painted wall
  • Offices, Conference Rooms, Co-Work Spaces
  • Gyms, locker rooms
  • Schools, libraries, playrooms


  • Complementary accessories available magnets, pencil holders, erasers, etc.
  • Wood or aluminum molding
  • Dry erasable, water-free, product-free
  • Glue sold separately


  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Possibility to customize it with a design or cut vinyl lettering


  • Custom
  • Available in 48″ and 60″ high


Product sold with installation only


  • Easy to maintain
  • Dry Erasable
  • Link to warranty


See the details of our warranty