Interval collection, approved by Chantal Couture

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  • Wallpaper: Interval Collection – Sommits Black

  • Wallpaper: Interval Collection – Circuits Gold

  • Wallpaper: Interval Collection – Labyrinth Gold

  • Wallpaper: Interval Collection – Feathers Neutral

Black and White Collection

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  • Wallpaper: Black and White Collection – Audio

  • Wallpaper: Black and White Collection – Squares

  • Wallpaper: Black and White Collection – Wave White

  • Wallpaper: Black and White Collection – Tension

Children wallpaper

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  • Wallpaper: Children Collection – Mountains Pink

  • Wallpaper: Childrens Collection – Scales Coral

  • Wallpaper: Childrens Collection – Honeycomb Abby

  • Wallpaper: Children Collection – Mountains Blue

A mural in three easy steps!

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Wall Appliques

Backlit frames

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Canvas on frame

Decorative panels



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Turnkey service

From taking measurements to installing, we offer a wide range of images for a unique and personalized mural.

40% discount

On the price of your NOMAD-PRO Removable Textured Vinyl wallpaper mural, with the purchase of the installation.

Free delivery

We deliver your mural anywhere in Quebec within 1 to 5 working days.