Nomad Design steps

Approved by Chantal Couture

It is with more than 20 years of experience that Chantal Couture succeeds in impressing us with her modern and warm decorations. Very meticulous and not neglecting any detail, she particularly likes working with natural materials and textures such as wood, glass and neutral colors to create soft and reassuring environments.

Recognized for her human approach, she knows how to capture the nature of her client, thus offering unique and always personalized atmospheres. It also stands out for its 3D model renderings.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we today announce our partnership with Chantal Couture’s Decors Trend team, which has approved and affixed its seal to our new Parallèle collection.

As we know she often uses wallpaper in her projects and having worked with her on several occasions, we thought of a collection that looks like her! Our choice was made naturally, with clean designs, graphic lines, geometric shapes and neutral and warm tones so that she could create decors that are as current as they are daring.

Discover the collection in all its splendor!