Who are we?

The excellence of know-how

For us, every wall, no matter how small, is an inspiration where our limitless imagination can transform a dull, identityless room. Tell us about what makes you vibrate and we will give life to the space of your dreams.


Working in the domain of exhibition booth manufacturing and design and large format printing for more than 25 years, the graphic design and printing of wall tapestries has established itself as a natural expansion in the development of our activities.

Over the years, we have made display and graphic design our specialty in the commercial and professional field. Our expertise is our guarantee of quality, you will not regret entrusting us with the printing of your murals. With Nomad Design, you opt for a decor in your image with the guarantee of a perfect rendering.

Nomad Design prints murals and wallpapers by the piece, which ensures the quality of the products. Browse through our Image Bank to find your decorating ideas and inspiration for your mural wallpaper. We will help you to elaborate your wall decorating project and to find the type of wallpaper that will suit your decor.

Decorate your room according to your tastes using your favorite images.


Through our wide selection of patterned wallpapers from our home collection or from a custom photo, we offer endless possibilities that are aligned with the latest trends. Our creativity is limitless, which is why you will find in us constantly new and innovative ideas.

Weather its PREMIUM-NOMAD-PRO or STANDARD-NOMAD-PPS, we have the texture and finish you’re looking for for your commercial or residential project. We collaborate with interior designers and will undoubtedly find a solution to your biggest ideas, one wall at a time!