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Denis Rancourt - Photographer


Graphic designer by trade, Denis Rancourt has always been interested in photography. It was around the age of 12, looking at the effect of images on old negatives in his father’s memories, that he discovered this passion. Shortly afterwards, with his own Reflex camera, he began to practice his art. Over time, he became interested in all kinds of takes: portraits, concerts, fashion and the nude. He also learns to develop and process his photos in the dark room shared with his father.

For a few years he focused on more personal photos of his family and his travels. Then in 2012, he bought a digital SLR camera and thus rediscovered his passion.

It was at this point that he decided to move his work to the streets. This allows him to win various contests, including in 2015, he will be one of the winners of the contest in the Accuity Press, in Street photography!

It is now walking around the city, day or night, that he feels good. Always inspired by the reflections obtained through the windows, the unconventional shots and the architecture of the buildings that he enjoys. He does mainly in black and white, but sometimes he lets himself be seduced by the color of his photos. A great lover of the works of Ernst Hass, Harry Callahan, Saul Leither and William Eggleston, he enjoys observing and browsing books to discover the art of composition and the effects of light.

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