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Guylaine Marceau - Painter


Originally from the region of Bellechasse in Quebec, Guylaine Marceau, studied at college and university in visual arts.

She will pursue a career as an illustrator, graphic designer and product designer for more than 25 years. During this period, she will continue her artistic approach for the pleasure of creating freely. She allows herself to explore different art forms such as stained glass, sculpture. Acrylic was to become her
medium of choice.

From the figurative, she will switch to the abstract. A more intimate way for her to express her emotions. Leaving the brush for the spatula, lengthening the movement and giving texture to her works. Her paintings become gestures and colors, some will be symbolic and will mark passages in her life.

Now cradled in the heart of the Beauce countryside, the artist gives her paintings another dimension through the mural. Thus creating soft atmospheres which give off a quiet force.

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    Showing all 17 results