You would have told me a few years ago that wallpapers and murals would make a comeback, that I would never have believed you. We believed that time was gone forever. Think again, our wall coverings are back and in full force. Whether with floral designs or geometric shapes, it is very trendy to dress an accent wall and coordinate its decor. Although today it is still possible to come to a branch to find the wallpaper of your choice, it is all the easier to create your own wallpaper or mural in the desired colors and sizes. It only takes one online search to realize that there are a multitude of companies fighting to bring us this much sought-after favorite at a competitive price. The “Décomurale”, “Ma Murale”, “Murale Unique” of this world will for the most part offer you a vinyl with self-adhesive film that you can buy online and receive by mail a few days later.

Flower mural

Here at Nomad Design, what we offer you are not only competitive prices but also customer service and after-sales service. There is always someone there to help you with your project and answer your questions. Our experts will be able to advise and guide you so that you get the best customer experience. It is also possible to have access to a professional for a consultation at home. One of our experts can then come to your home or project location to take the measurements, advise you on the images and demonstrate a variety of products for your mural project. Whether it’s pre-pasted wallpaper, smooth or textured opaque vinyl, there are plenty of options for your different projects no matter what room in the house. Very popular with designers, this trend can be followed in renovation / decoration magazines and television shows. Whether on the show “C’est quoi ton plan” or we could see Chantal Couture revamping a small kitchen and using a chicken cage mural or Marie Christine Lortie in “Design VIP” which uses certain images to make beautiful murals. Since November 2018, there is also the famous designer Manon Leblanc who took the bull by the horns and released her own wallpaper and mural collection Bathroom mural In short, if you have a project for papers and murals, don’t look from noon to 2 p.m., Nomad Design is what you need. Dare! Create your decor!