We believed the days of wallpaper were over. Think again! If a designer suggests you line your dining room ceiling, they’re probably not kidding. We are probably witnessing the comeback of wallpaper, high-end tapestries and wall sconces. Whether it is geometric shapes, bucolic landscapes or art deco designs, the trend is spreading in all new decors and this we notice in decoration magazines, on Pinterest and social networks. We see the emergence of trompe l’oeil wallpapers, 3D designs and panoramic murals. Tapestries can be found in all rooms of the house; powder pink, midnight blue, the huge flowers on a black background. The beauty of it, unlike the fashion of the ’80s, is that today we can print any wallpaper we want and in any size we need. We have the freedom to create our own decor. Nomad Design prints the image of your choice in the dimensions you need. In addition, there are different types of wallpaper or wall sconces to create your decor. This same wallpaper can according to your taste, have an embossed relief, shiny particles, a leather-like or plaster finish. You can immediately print your images on opaque or translucent vinyl, canvas, fabric and more. Take a look at our different products to understand what it is. By way of conclusion, this irresistible trend will create real decors with sometimes exotic and even impressive looks. Wallpaper and murals have not finished dressing our walls. Dare to add that final touch and create your own decor, contact us!