PREMIUM – NOMAD-PRO Installation

Installation guide

Removable Textured Self-Adhesive Vinyl Wall Mural



Before you start you must check the mural, make sure that there are no printing or dimensional defects.

As soon as you start the installation the warranty is no longer applicable.


  • Freshly painted wall (less than 3 weeks)
  • Unpainted gypsum wall
  • Wood or concrete wall


  • The wallpaper should be installed on a clean, dry, smooth and even wall.
  • Wash your wall before you start.
  • If necessary, repair cracks or holes with wood filler at least 48 hours before installation.
  • Remove all bulky items (eg: electrical outlet plate, curtain pole, etc.).




  • Your mural is numbered at the top and according to the number of strips, the first being the one on the left.
  • The strips have an overlap of ½” except for the first and last strip. An overlap means that each strip must be installed ½” on top of the previous strip. EX : If you start on the left, the second strip must overlap ½” over the first and so on.
  • To start the installation, your first strip must be level. Measure the width of your first strip, remove 1/2” at this measurement and draw a vertical line from the left or use the laser.


  • Roll your first strip on itself, starting at the bottom, so that the edge is on top. Peel off the back film by about 6 inches and fold it back.
  • Stick the strip on the top of the wall, leaving it protruding from ½” to the ceiling while aligning with your pencil or laser line. Using your plastic smoother, make diagonal movements from the center upwards and sideways to remove all air bubbles.
  • You can take off and reposition the strips at any time.
  • At this stage, it is not necessary to cut off the excess, you can wait until the very end for safety reasons and reposition it if necessary.
  • Take your second strip and repeat the same steps but this time, overlap approximately ½” on the first one, making sure to have the right alignment with the pattern, at this step you can always reposition if needed. Continue in the same way until the last strip.
  • Cut the excess vinyl at the ceiling, at the bottom and on the first and last strip, using an X-Acto. For more precision, use a ruler to guide the blade.

NOTE : Nous ne sommes pas responsables du résultat de la pose si vous vous êtes trompé lors de la prise de mesures, de la préparation de votre mur ou lors de l’installation. En cas de doute, veuillez-nous contacter pour demander le service d’installation.

Have a good installation !!

How to make the cut-out for an electrical outlet or bulky items

Using your X-Acto, cut the 2 sides and the top of the hole of the outlet, making sure to free the hole from the screw. With your smoother, smooth and remove any bubbles all around. When everything is smooth, finalize the cut at the bottom of the plug hole, always making sure to free the screw hole. You can put the plug plate back in place.

How to remove the wallpaper

Remove the vinyl from the wall by peeling it off slowly.

Tip from the pro! !

If you go carefully, you can even reuse your mural on another wall.